The OHS Induction Program

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Why a Video Induction Program?

P-Connect wishes to demonstrate to prospective clients what services we can provide them with regard to an induction program for their organization.

By creating a video, we provide our clients with a digital solution to help them comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993.

Video inductions are a great way to convey company information clearly, quickly, and accurately. The message of your organization must be delivered clearly and efficiently, which can be a challenge when you have multiple locations.

Through a company induction video, new employees can engage and learn about the company's goals and aspirations. The users will be able to see the history of the company, who their line managers are, and all the vital information relating to health and safety such as uniforms, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Emergency Procedures, and so forth. You are in charge - so you can include anything you want.

We provide a variety of O.H.S Induction and Training Programs that are tailored specifically to your organization's requirements and specifications, including but not limited to:

  • Employee O.H.S Induction,
  • Visitor or Contractor Induction,
  • Specific equipment or machinery induction training,
  • Working at Height Inductions,
  • Area Specific Induction,
  • Permit Required Induction,
  • High-risk work Induction,
  • Construction Site Induction,
  • S.H.E.Q Induction Programs,
  • Quality Induction Programs
  • And many more, please contact us for more options.

What is covered in an O.H.S Induction Program?

  • The Health and Safety Policies of The Company
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • The Employee’s Responsibilities
  • Specific Rules Relating to The Workplace or Site
  • Relevant Risk Assessments as Well as Safe Systems of Work
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Site Maps and Or Floor Plans
  • Personnel details, including names and locations of key personnel
  • Control Of Hazardous and Chemical Substances
  • Manual Handling Activities
  • Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E)
  • Safety Signs
  • General Building Arrangements
  • Security Arrangements
  • Hazardous Machinery
  • High-Risk Areas
  • Site Specified Requirements
  • Job specific information
  • Local area rules as well as instructions
  • Site safety isolation and lock-off points, if applicable
  • Regulations for inspections,
  • Housekeeping
  • Asbestos, if applicable
  • And anything else that you require...

What are the benefits of an O.H.S Induction Program?

  • Provides detailed step-by-step instructions,
  • Covers all information to ensure the employer avoids negligence,
  • Offers a consistent message,
  • Provides a visual Illustration of requirements,
  • Videos assist with memory,
  • Videos can be re-watched,
  • Video inductions make it easy for everyone to understand,
  • Video can be viewed anywhere via YouTube or Cloud Servers,
  • Video Saves money and time,
  • Video provides you with Consistent messaging,
  • Track and evaluate training.