What are the benefits and uses of a legal register?

The purpose of a legal register is primarily to manage legal compliance. In the absence of certainty as to what needs to be complied with, there can be no legal compliance. There are several advantages to maintaining a legal register.

The legal requirements applicable to the project are identified and documented. Depending on the scope of the legal register, it may include national, provincial, and local safety, health, and environmental legal requirements.

Legislation that is not applicable to the organization can be filtered out, making it easier for those responsible for its compliance to understand. Only those provisions placing an obligation, prohibition, or significant legal risk on the registered user will be included in the register.

Legal requirements are explained as clearly as possible, without using legal jargon.

It is made available in electronic format (PDF), which facilitates ease of use in other compliance tools such as training, reports, incident investigations, audits, management plans, memorandums, etc. Information can be easily disseminated to persons who need the information

Your business can only achieve compliance to legislation if these basics are in place:

  • An organization has made it a goal and an objective to be legally compliant and has committed (through policy) to complying with the law.
  • It is the responsibility of management to ensure that the company is legally compliant, even if a culture change is required to make this happen.
  • A legal register identifies the applicable legislation for a specific organization (Legal Register).
  • Access to the applicable legislation is made available to those who need it (Legal Register).
  • By assigning responsibilities to capable individuals, the legal requirements are implemented in the organization.
  • To safeguard against the risk of non-compliance, the organization conducts regular compliance evaluations (via legal compliance audits, for example) and implements swift corrective measures.

A Legal Registers Features:

  • Legal registers are provided to you in PDF format.
  • Online access to the updated legal register is always available.
  • There is no restriction on the number of users.
  • At least quarterly updates are provided.
  • The register will only include provisions placing an obligation, prohibition, or significant legal risk on the client.
  • Legislation at the national level
  • Legislation adopted by the provinces
  • Legislation at local level
  • OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety) Legislation
  • Environment Legislation
  • Safety, Health, and Environment Legislation
  • Your organization must comply with all applicable legislation