The Department of Labour and Employment requires that any organization offering services related to the use, inspection and maintenance of Lifting Machinery must be registered as a Lifting Machinery Entity as per the requirements of Driven Machinery Regulations, 2010.

The following services would be required for your organization to register with the Department of Labour and Employment as an L.M.E. in accordance with the definition of "Lifting Machinery" in the Driven Machinery Regulations:

  • Describes a power-driven machine designed with a specific purpose in mind including the following:
  • The lifting, lowering, or moving of a load suspended, such as hoists, cranes, suspended platforms, and elevators
  • This does not include elevators, escalators, goods hoists, or builder's hoists

In addition to assisting organizations in registering with the Department of Labour and Employment as Lifting Machinery Entities, we also ensure that organizations comply with all the requirements and specifications outlined in the Driven Machinery Regulations and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

A Lifting Machinery Inspector Consultant registered with the Engineering Council will be available to you as well.