What is Fire Safety?

Fire safety is a set of practices designed to reduce fire damage.  Safety measures include preventing uncontrolled fires from igniting, and limiting the effects of fires once they've started.

Fire safety measures can be planned during construction or implemented later in an existing building, or they can be taught to its occupants.  If you have a fire hazard, it's something that increases the risk of a fire or makes it hard to escape.

Building safety often includes fire safety. Fire Prevention Officers inspect buildings for code violations and go to schools or workplaces to educate people about fire safety.

 Fire Prevention Officers or Chiefs of Fire Prevention train new employees and do inspections and presentations.

Why Is Fire Safety Important?

For the purpose of preventing and protecting against the destruction caused by fire, fire safety is essential in the workplace. Fire safety reduces the chance of injury and building damage caused by fires. Developing and implementing fire safety protocols at work isn't just a legal requirement, but it's vital to everyone's safety.

There are a lot of reasons why fire safety is important:

  • Employees and customers are less likely to get hurt
  • Ensure that the facility/building doesn't get damaged
  • Make sure you're not fined
  • Don't lose customers' trust
  • Don't let extensive building damage take away employee jobs

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